Bracelets: Lovable Hand Ornaments

Getting ready to go out? Well, you might be forgetting a crucial dress-up item, a statement bracelet. Getting out means waving about hands in various fashions. So why not decorate those beautiful hands and wrists with some classic and trendy trinkets? Let the light bounce back from a stone and mirror pieces on your hand and catch several curious yet appreciative eyes. Not only a casual day out affair but also a nice elegant touch to your party attire anywhere and anytime. Ticara Town brings a neutral yet statement pieces of these charming jewels.

Love Charm BraceletsCharms give a personalised touch to your ornaments and show the interesting personality of yours to the world. Charms are usually the flavour of the special moments being one of the greatest gifting items between friends as well as loved ones. Some artistically decorated, neutral themed and eye-catching jewels just might have your name on them right here at Ticara Town. Geometric Graphical BraceletsAdorn a chunky metal …


Treating yourself this summer seems like the best idea to relax away from the heat. It does not mean you get to plan a trip out but it means to stay inside and get an indulgent manicure done with a nice colour touch to your fingernails. Give your fingers a little love by treating them lovingly. This way you can encourage yourself to go out and flaunt your beautiful hands even in this heat. One thing that can make that effort worthwhile and give a new meaning to amazing is a classy statement ring to go with dazzling fingers of yours. Now this will complete your look and make you love yourself. After all, every girl and woman deserve to be treated equally beautifully. Its time to let your fingers browse and choose from the shortlisted amazing Statement Rings. Tassel to DazzleA winged beauty to the fingers with a crystal to catch the eye can be the perfect gem of your hands to flaunt your colourful personality wide. The softness in the form of Tassels is what finds its way to the heart. Let…


Every girl and woman love pretty jewellery. But what most of you have experienced is turmoil and anguish when you take out a piece of jewellery and find it lacking the usual lustre and beauty. NO matter if what you own is made of gold, silver, diamond or any other non-metallic material, but you still have it in your hands to care for it and make it last longer. So, before you realise you were too late to start caring, get on it now and ensure the lasting beauty stays as you enjoy your jewellery for longer.
A few measures and pointers might really come in handy when you wish to preserve the glow of a jewellery piece. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery while going for sports as it can prevent any lasting damage from happening. After all, sports can be rough and wearing delicates can lead to breaking or tangling making it lose its shine, its plating or even the physical appearance.Store your jewellery in a tight container or jewellery box to avoid physical damage as well as reaction to dust and…

Rocking Fashion with Stoles & Scarves

A symbol of warmth, comfort and style, stoles and scarves are every woman’s companions. No matter you have a day out planned, a regular office day or even a semi-casual party to go to, your companions can be the best adornments for every occasion. They could be made of silk, chiffon, cotton or even hand-woven fabric, the results are superiorly striking in all cases. Though it is a myth that stoles and scarves are only worth wearing in winters, they can be thought of as warming companions in winters, while stylising trends and comfort companions otherwise. They could be used to cover your neck, face and head in case of harsh sun, strong winds, storms, dust and so on. But in other cases, a perfect fashion statement can be generated by how you carry the stoles and scarves on you.
Spicing up a plain outfit with solid colour
The best way to bring fashion in minds of onlookers is to spice up your solid colour outfit with a colourful silk scarf. Wound in different styles, this scarf or even sto…

What kind of Jewellery is best to wear at work?

You know smart people are likely to be promoted quicker – it’s a fact! (Maybe.)
And we all understand somehow that how we dress, plays an important role in making an impression.
When it comes to dressing for work, it’s useful to have a selection of chic, classic items of dress and jewellery that will ensure you’re always looking elegant (and work-appropriate!).
Obviously, your choice of dress will depend on your profile and on the general dress code at work but jewellery can be a great way to dress up a plain outfit and to ensure you’re always up for taking any challenge. Now, what kind of jewellery you should wear at work?Gold or silver is generally the most classic, smart choice for jewellery to wear to work. Gold is extremely flattering to most skin tones and goes well with most outfit colours. Pearls are also a great option, they are classic and sophisticated. You can wear stones as well but with contrast and on a moderate level. Some people like to choose a simple necklace that can b…